Woolworths Night Fill Manager Jobs: Description & Salary

Night Fill Manager At Woolworths SuperMarkets

Woolworths supermarket has more than 130.000 stores both in metropoles and small cities. Keep in mind that Woolworths Supermarkets is a part of Woolworths Group (Dan Murphy’s, Langton’s, BWS, Countdown, CM, METRO, etc.), meaning that you could have the opportunity to work in another company in the group. If you have leadership skills and you are seeking a job in the retail industry, check out this opportunity, and submit your application as soon as possible to join Woolworths team who has more than 205.000 employees!

Night Fill Manager Job Outlook

As a night fill manager, you are usually expected to work in the evenings but sometimes it could be mornings too. It is required to be able to work in flexible schedules including weekends and public holidays. It is a full-time salary position. Applications are open for both in-house and people who apply from outside.


Responsibilities: Your main duty as a night fill manager is to prepare the supermarket for the next day by guiding the team. You have to make sure that the store is clean, stock levels are replenished and the store is ready in terms of every operation to receive customers the next day. You will be responsible for night fill workers. You hire, train, guide them through daily operations and support the team to deliver shelf availability.

Requirements: Previous retail or management experience is preferred. Being a reliable team-player with a passion for the retail and food industry. Ability to adapt to flexible schedules. You should have the will to start as soon as possible.

Pay Scale: $55,000 per year.

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If you believe you are a good fit for the job but you do not meet every requirement, Woolworths encourage you to send your application anyway. You can submit your application directly through their website. You may apply through Recruitment Agencies too. However, Woolworths do not take any responsibility for the fees you pay for Recruitment Agencies.

STEP 1: Go to https://www.wowcareers.com.au/.

STEP 2: Click “Find a job now” button.

STEP 3: You can search positions by keyword or reference number in the whole WoolWorths Group careers.

STEP 4: You can click on “Explore Now” in the green section written “Thousands of supermarket roles, countless fresh opportunities”

STEP 5: After you click on “Explore Now”, scroll down and click on “See all qualified roles”.

STEP 6: Click on “Night Fill Manager” and read the description.

STEP 7: Scroll down and click to “Apply”.

STEP 8: You need to create an account in order to apply for the job. Click on “Create an account”.

STEP 9: You need to fill the information needed. Your e-mail adress, password, name, country code, phone number, region residence.

STEP 10: Accept “Terms of Use” and click on “Create Account”.

STEP 11: Now, you need to complete your “Candidate Profile”.

STEP 12: Click on “Click here to attach your CV” and upload your resume.

STEP 13: Fill your employment history, education, personal certifications, and language skills manually.

STEP 14: On the right side of the page, you should fill “More Information” section. You need to answer questions like “Do/ Have you worked for Woolworths or any of its subsidiary divisions? Do you identify yourself as Australian Aboriginal and /or Torres Strait Islander origin?”

STEP 15: If you complete your candidate profile select “Yes” for the section “Are you happy to proceed?”.

STEP 16: You should state “Numbers of Hours a week” and click on next.

STEP 17: Submit your application.

Woolworths Application for All Positions.


You can check your application status when you sign in to Woolworths website under the section of “Job Management”. You can see the status of jobs you have applied under the section of “Assessment Status”. Additionally, you can save jobs and applications in order to proceed later. Also, you can save job alerts. If you have applied through Recruitment Agency, the whole process usually takes 2 weeks.


Keep in mind that you should have the right to work in Australia in order to be eligible for Woolworths. For “Numbers of Hours a week” section, you should write 40-50 in order to be eligible for the position.


In order to be employed, firstly you need to pass the group interview (sometimes it is not required). You should prepare yourself usual HR questions such as “Tell me about yourself, What is your biggest achievement? What are your weaknesses? Tell me a difficult situation you handled well etc..”. The key points while answering all these questions can be listed as:

Show that you are eager to work. You can work in shifts that most people don’t want.

Emphasize on you have no problem with working phsyically during the night.

You like order and discipline.

You are a quick learner and can work without supervision.

You like being part of a team, you like helping out other people when needed and you like receiving support from other people as well.

You are punctual.


PROS: %5 discount on shopping. As a night fill manager, you would know all the items in the supermarket so it would benefit you for your personal shopping. Working in a diverse and friendly environment is a big plus for your communication skills. Woolworths provides job security and helps you create work/life balance with its flexible schedules. You can develop skills for higher roles. Woolworths management is usually open to new ideas. Implementing your ideas is a great opportunity for your career.

CONS: Working at Woolworths is challenging in terms of high pressure with daily changes in the operation process. You will be working for long hours in a fast-paced enviorenement, mostly standing.


Keep in mind that Woolworths embraces diverstiy. You can be employed in Woolworths regardless of your gender identity, ethnicity, disability, age, and sexual orientation. You should always have “customers first mentaliy.” Additionally, Woolworths stronglt values the “Safety First” mentality.

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