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Woolworths is a company that has around 3 thousand stores in total. Around 200 thousand people work in these stores. The company, which serves nearly 30 million people in total, almost constantly publishes job postings for open positions. In this context, you will be informed about all the positions you can work in and then the job application will be explained.

Woolworths offers people for work in different departments and positions. Job postings for open positions and locations are posted on the company’s official website. You can apply online or directly to the open positions that are published for you. Online job application will be completed in a maximum of 15-20 minutes. The positions you can work in this content, explanations about the positions and the application on the official site for the jobs will be explained.

How to Apply for a Woolworth Jobs (Application Process)

Click on the link below to apply for a job

Woolworths Job Application (How to Apply Step 1)

1. Career Page

2. Make necessary selections from “Requisition Number”, State “,” Country “,” Posted within the last “,” Expertise “,” Work type “,” Postcode “,” Distance “options.

Woolworths Job Application (How to Apply Step 2)

3. Click Search button. This button is colored red.

4. Scroll down the page. In this section, you will see the list of open positions.

5. Click / tap on the position name to view descriptions of one of the positions that interest you. If you want, you can open it in a new tab and examine the position.

6. After reviewing the position details, if you think that you meet the conditions specified in the position descriptions, click / tap the “Apply” button at the top or bottom of the page. This button is colored blue.

7. Now a screen will appear asking you to login. If you have applied for a job through this system before, enter your e-mail and password information. If you have not done so, tap / click the “Create an account” section at the bottom.

8. Enter your e-mail in the information entry screen that opens and re-enter it in the space below. Make sure the two values you entered are the same.

Woolworths available positions, salary information and descriptions

Woolworth Job Application Online

This section contains brief explanations about all the positions you can work at Woolworths. In summary, you can find out what the position is responsible for. At the bottom of each position, there will be location information where you can work and a link to the application and detail page. You can access all the details of that position through the links.

After examining the position details, online job application steps should be followed. Your CV will be created at this stage by filling in the necessary information on the form.

Fresh Team Manager – Salary : $70.000 – $80.000 /year

Location InfoApplication Info
Woolworths Featherbrook (Full-Time)Details Page

Qualified Trade Butcher – Salary : $20.00 – $26.00 /hour

Location InfoApplication Info
Woolworths Featherbrook (Full-Time)Details Page

Assistant Customer Service Manager – Salary : $21.00 – $27.00 /hour

Location InfoApplication Info
Woolworths Pemulwuy (Full-Time)Details Page

Fruit & Veg Manager – Salary : $68.000 – $78.000 /year

Location InfoApplication Info
 Woolworths Kyneton (Full-Time)Details Page

Grocery Manager – Salary : $69.000 – $79.000 /year

Location InfoApplication Info
Woolworths Wallan (Full-Time)Details Page

Online Personal Shopper – Salary : $21.00 – $27.00 /hour

Location InfoApplication Info
Woolworths Dianella (Full-Time)Closed

Assistant Fresh Manager – Salary : $48.000 – $58.000 /year

Location InfoApplication Info
Woolworths Byron Bay  (Full-Time)Closed

Assistant Fruit & Veg Manager – Salary : $50.000 – $60.000 /year

Location InfoApplication Info
Woolworths Sarina (Full-Time)Closed

Assistant Fresh Service Manager – Salary : $45.000 – $55.000 /year

Location InfoApplication Info
Mt Gambier Marketplace  (Full-Time)Closed

Assistant Grocery Manager – Salary : $77.000 – $87.000 /year

Location InfoApplication Info
Woolworths Busselton Kent Street (Full-Time)Closed

Qualified Baker: – Salary : $55.000 – $65.000 /year

In a short time, you have to bake excellent breads that customers might love. You should teach your teammates who have less experience than you, how you bake bread, and the tricks that need attention. You must have obtained Retail Baking (Breadmaking) or any equivalent Australian Certificate III in Australia.

Location InfoApplication Info
Glenmore Park, NSWClosed
Notting Hill, VictoriaClosed
Kalamunda, Perth, Western Australia (WA) Details Page – Closed
NSW Closed

 Store Team Member – Salary : $56.000 – $66.000 /year

Location InfoApplication Info
NSW (Full-Time)Closed

Range Specialist – Salary : $98.000 – $108.000 /year

Location InfoApplication Info
NSW (Full-Time)Closed

Fresh Team Member: You are responsible for the freshness of the products such as various cheese products, meats and appetizers offered for sale in the store.

Location InfoApplication InfoOpen/Closed
Wagga Wagga NorthDetails Page
WickhamDetails Page
Gundagai, New South WalesDetails Page
VIC (Full-Time)Closed
Application Details

Fruit & Veg Team Member – Salary : $21.00 – $27.00 /hour

Location InfoApplication Info
NSW (Full-Time)Closed
Cumberland Park, SA  (Full-Time)Closed
VIC (Full-Time)Closed

Liquor Team Member – Salary : $20.00 – $26.00 /hour

Location InfoApplication Info
QLD (Full-Time)Closed

Online Personal Shopper – Salary : $18.00 – $23.00 /hour

Location InfoApplication Info
NSW (Full-Time)Closed
Murray Bridge  (Full-Time)Closed
Leongatha (Full-Time)Closed

Wine Merchant – Salary : $55.000 – $65.000 /year

Location InfoApplication Info
SA (Full-Time)Closed

Night Fill Team Member: Persons who will take office in this position serve in the afternoon or evening. As customers buy products from the store, you need to put new products on the empty shelves. Meeting the customers which have need and make them happy is your main goal.

Location InfoApplication InfoOpen/Closing
Kelvin Grove METRODetails PageClosed
Bathurst, New South Wales (NSW) Details PageClosed
New South Wales (NSW) – Woolworths YoungDetails PageClosed
Gundagai, New South Wales (NSW) Details PageClosed
 Woolworths Findon (SA)Details PageClosed

Customer Service Team Member: – Salary : $92.000 – $102.000 /year

Sometimes you will serve customers who come to the stores by standing at the checkout, sometimes by doing the work at the customer service desk. While standing at the cash desk, you should receive the payment by card or in cash and sleep the customer with a smiling face. At the customer service desk, you should help when customers have questions.

Location InfoApplication InfoPosted Date
Bathurst, New South Wales Details Page
Gundagai, New South Wales Details Page
Craigieburn Highlands, Vic Details Page

Qualified Butcher: You must cut and present products appropriately. You should give the shopper tips on how to cook the meat. Ask you questions, listen to the customer, and give detailed answers after understanding the question. When you learn new recipes, you should share them with the customer.

Location InfoApplication Info
Open All LocationsClosed

Fruit & Veg Team Member: You will work in both the fresh fruit and vegetable section. Certain opportunities will be provided to you in the company to achieve your career goals. In the team you will be a part of, everyone will teach each other something and you will become an expert in retail as time passes. You will answer customers’ questions about products. It is your main task to keep the Fruit and Vegetable section looking smooth all the time.

Location InfoApplication Info
Innisfail, Queensland (Casual)Details Page – Closed
Bathurst, New South Wales

Assistant Night Fill Manager: You will assist the person working in the Night Fill Manager position with their tasks. You will make an effort to make the shelves look perfect, and do your best to make the customers use the shelves in the best possible way. You will direct the people in the Nightfill team correctly and lead the necessary points.

Location InfoApplication Info
Mt Druitt, NSWDetails Page – Closed

Team Member: You must be people who take into account your company’s values ​​and adapt to the way it works. You should strive for a better sales point, and care about customer and team experience. People who will take part in this position should attach importance to working quickly and as a team. The Team Member position will contain different tasks.

Location InfoApplication Info
Rosebery METROClosed
Rozelle METROClosed

Night Fill Manager:You should guide the people in your team correctly and provide support by using leadership features. With the team, you should pay attention to keeping the shelves organized and the presentation of the sales of the products. Whatever you do, customer service is most priority for you. In order to increase efficiency, you will give importance to the front of the store and you will ensure that the back works continue without interruption. Details…

Location InfoApplication Info
Smithfield, QLDClosed

Order Selector: You are responsible for the correct preparation and timely delivery of an order placed by any customer. It should be packaged properly to avoid damage according to the product category. All equipment used must comply with Occupational Health and Safety criteria. If necessary, you should also pay attention to cleanliness.

Location InfoApplication InfoPosted Date
 Wodonga Regional Distribution Centre – VictoriaDetails PageClosed

Stocktake Team Member: You should welcome people who come to shop with a sincere smiling face. You should take care that the service provided is efficient. You should consider the company’s policies and procedures and comply with the Occupational Health and Safety guidelines to ensure a safe working environment. You have to adapt to teamwork with the team you are in.

Location InfoApplication InfoClosing?
 Wollongong Region, NSWDetails PageClosed

Store Services & Compliance Officer: You are responsible for some specific office and office-related duties. You must ensure that the store environment is both compatible and secure. You should work in teams with people working in leading positions in the store.

Location InfoApplication InfoPosted Date
Byron Bay, Queensland (QLD) – Full TimeDetails Page

Assistant Store Manager: You are expected to improve day by day the work that you have been assigned. Over time, your leadership qualities should improve and your financial skills should reach the top. You should take the responsibility and do the necessary work while Store Manager absence for any reason. If necessary, you should cooperate with the Store Manager and coach the teams. You need to provide the necessary support for the management of the store.

Woolworth Job Application Form/PDF

Woolworth Application Form is in Word format. If you want, you can convert Word format to PDF through intermediary sites on the internet. It consists of 4 pages in total. You can open this file with the software on your computer or mobile phone and make necessary edits.

Alternatively, the form can be printed out from a printer and filled in with a pen. You need to fill in all the blanks in the form accurately and accurately, and submit the job application by taking it to any of the stores. People who do not want to deal with this can apply for jobs online.

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