Costco Front End Assistant Job Description & Duties

Costco Front End Assistant Job Qualifications & Duties

In the lower part, everything that people who will work in this position should do daily is explained in detail. While the job description in the image is the job description published on the official website of the company, the job description in the text in this section was prepared by our editors after examining the job posting on the official website.

Daily tasks and responsibilities:

Costco Front End Assistant Job Description & Duties
  • You should assist the members in loading the orders to the conveyor belt in the part where you work, learn what the packaging preference of each member is, and answer all questions to the best of your knowledge. You should provide the necessary information about all promotions in the specified periods, and always take care to provide a fast and courteous service.
  • You must properly box all members’ orders and then load them into a car or flatbed. It is your responsibility to check the packages against any tampering and to follow the specified security procedures. You should also provide the necessary support during the loading of the members’ orders to the car.
  • You must perform the necessary work for the items requested by the cashiers, such as merchandise, boxes, registration materials, to keep the lines running without any problems.
  • You will perform the function of transferring the products to the separate trolley or flatbed while the cashiers weigh the products. You will be able to follow the procedures set for the department.
  • You are responsible for keeping both the general end area and the recording area clean. If anything gets stuck, you should immediately intervene and clean the spills that occur.
  • You must collect the cars and flatbeds from the parking area and stack them properly by placing them in a certain line. You should also clean up anything that may occur in front of the building.
  • You must quickly perform all tasks related to the product return phase, the document collection process or the stocking records.

Non-Essential Functions and Tasks:

  • In case of necessity, you should also help with the work in departments other than the department you work in.
  • It is also your responsibility to operate the mechanical garbage compactor/cardboard baler within the proper procedures.
  • Persons to work in this position must be at least 18 years old.

Costco Front End Assistant Job Vacancies & Near Me Jobs

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North Lakes QLD (Part-Time)Details & Apply
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