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Interested in discovering the Coles work experience firsthand? Applying for various positions and departments is effortless—simply submit your application through the company’s official website. Coles consistently updates job listings across a diverse array of roles, simplifying your search for a position that resonates with your career aspirations. Whether you’re aiming to elevate your career trajectory or embark on a fresh journey, Coles presents a myriad of enticing prospects for exploration and growth. Step into a world of exciting opportunities with Coles and unlock your potential today.

Embark on a comprehensive exploration of the myriad positions awaiting you at Coles, where each role is meticulously detailed for your understanding. We’ll navigate you through the seamless process of applying for a position, whether it’s through their user-friendly online portal or direct correspondence with the company. Take the inaugural step towards a rewarding career journey with Coles today.

When envisioning supermarkets in Australia, Coles Supermarkets invariably comes to mind. However, the Coles Group extends its offerings beyond supermarkets, encompassing Choice Liquor, Liquorland, Vintage Cellars, and Coles Express, totaling nearly 2,500 sales outlets nationwide. At the heart of Coles’ ethos lies an unwavering commitment to providing customers with unparalleled service and top-quality products, underscored by a significant investment nearing $1 billion. Join Coles in their mission to elevate the shopping experience for every customer.

How to Apply for a Coles Jobs

Coles Job Application (How to Apply Step 1)

1. Coles Apply Online or Available Positions

2. You can write the name of the position or department you are looking for in the section that says Search by keyword. For example Marketing or Bakery.

3. When you click / touch the part that says “Click to search more options”, a page will open where you can select “Job Category”, “Work Type” and “Brands”. You can also narrow the search by selecting any of these.

4. Click / tap on any of the positions listed. Thus, you will access the page with the position details. You can open it in new tab if you want.

5. For more information about the company Career page and the Login page, you can review the Coles Careers Portal page.

Coles Open Positions with Job Descriptions

At Coles Group, employee career development is a top priority. From the moment you start working with the company, you’ll be provided with a supportive environment that encourages you to improve your skills and grow professionally. Regular training sessions are provided to help you develop your skills, and as you progress in your career, you’ll be rewarded with various incentives and benefits. Coles Group strives to create a safe and supportive workplace where employees feel valued and empowered.

Team Member – Salary : $20.00 – $26.00 /hour

Are you seeking a pivotal role within the bustling grocery department of a supermarket? Joining our Grocery team entails upholding impeccable store standards and ensuring optimal product availability for our valued customers. Collaborating within a dynamic team setting, you’ll undertake various inventory tasks and diligently restock shelves throughout the day, guaranteeing an exceptional shopping experience.

If you’re dedicated to delivering outstanding customer service, take pride in your work, and thrive in a fast-paced environment, this role offers an ideal fit. Serving as a reliable point of contact for customer inquiries necessitates a comprehensive understanding of our store’s offerings. Additionally, maintaining physical fitness is crucial, as the role entails prolonged periods of standing and may involve moderate to heavy lifting and reaching. Flexibility is paramount, given the need to work across store trading days, including weekends. Join us in shaping memorable shopping experiences for our customers.

Location InfoApplication Info
All LocationsDetails & Apply
Coles Team Member

Supermarket Team Member – Pay Rate: $17.25 – $35.75 / hour

You have to do the job with enthusiasm, always be energetic and quickly complete tasks. You should strive to maximize the customer experience. Sometimes you can serve slices to customers in the delicatessen section of the store, and sometimes you can put packets of snacks cooked in the oven section. You may need to lift medium weights. Working people in this position can stand for a long time.

Customer Service Rep – Salary : $45.000 – $55.000 /year

As a Customer Representative, your primary focus will be on delivering an exceptional customer experience. This entails maintaining a clean store environment, regularly checking stock levels, and greeting customers in a friendly and welcoming manner. Your enthusiasm and efficiency in completing tasks promptly are crucial to ensuring customer satisfaction.

Coles Customer Service Rep
Coles Customer Service Rep Duties & Responsibilities

Assistant Manager – Salary : $80.000 – $90.000

As a member of the Coles Express team, your foremost objective is to ensure customer satisfaction through exceptional service. With dedication and effort, there is potential for advancement into managerial roles. Your responsibilities include driving business growth, effective management, and maintaining store presentation standards. Additionally, providing guidance to team members in areas such as stock management and operational tasks is essential to success in this role.

Coles Assistant Manager

Baker – Salary : $23.00 – $33.00 /Hour

If your passion for cooking drives you as much as your professional duty, then this role might be the perfect fit. You’ll relish the opportunity to prepare delicious treats behind the counter and serve them with flair to customers. Hospitality is key as you strive to make the bakery an inviting place for all. Candidates for this position should hold a diploma or trade certificate and demonstrate comprehensive knowledge and adherence to food safety and hygiene practices. Furthermore, you’ll be tasked with sharing your culinary expertise and insider tips with fellow team members as needed.

Coles Baker

Sales Assistant – Salary : $20.00 – $26.00 /hour

The Sales Assistant position is a position where you can work for Coles’ two subsidiaries. Vintage Cellarr is a company that specializes in wine, while Liquorland is a company that sells spirits. If you are also passionate about alcoholic beverages and want to work in this field, you can send your job application to the company for a position suitable for you.

Coles Sales Assistant

Duty Manager

The person assigned in this position is obliged to report to the person working in the position of Store Manager regarding the work they have done. You are in charge of the operation of your store both in the evening and at night. You are expected to have worked at a busy business before. You should control costs and strive to achieve the sales targets set for you. You must lead the team in the necessary positions and provide training in the necessary subjects. You should always be customer focused.

Location InfoApplication Info
All Locations (17 open locations)Details Page

Coles Express Customer Service Assistant

You will strive to maximize the customer experience. The store must be constantly cleaned before the customers arrive, and checked of stock status. You have to be energetic and fast while doing things. You should know all the products sold and advertise the special products that are planned monthly. You must comply with the safety standards set by the company. Some days you may work late at night, on some days you may need to come to work early in the morning. On some days, you will even have to work at the weekend. The work done will require standing for a long time.

Location InfoApplication Info
All Locations (0 open locations)Details Page

Senior Business Analyst – Salary : $130.000 – $140.000 /year

Currently, you can work in Group Planning or Platform Engineering in this position.

  • Persons working in Senior Business Analyst – Group Planning will support business-wide planning processes. You will be responsible for managing the Coles Group planning processes. You should coach when necessary to improve the planning processes.
  • Senior Business Analyst – Platform Engineering people will need to do the necessary analysis to understand what the problem is and to define the solution for Platform Engineering. You will need to establish close working relationships with those who are in the Engineering Manager and Product Manager positions.
Location InfoApplication Info
All Locations (5 open locations)Details & Apply

Assistant Category Manager – Salary : $80.000 – $90.000 /year

“Coles Assistant Category Manager” is responsible for supporting the Category Manager in the development and execution of strategies for a specific product category within the Coles retail stores. This includes conducting market research, analyzing sales data, and making recommendations for product selection and pricing. They also work closely with suppliers to negotiate deals and ensure product availability. Additionally, the Assistant Category Manager may also be responsible for developing and implementing promotional plans and monitoring the performance of the category to ensure sales and profit goals are met.

Location InfoApplication Info
Hawthorn East Closed

Customer Network Lead – Salary : $60.000 – $70.000 /year

“Coles Customer Network Lead” is responsible for leading and managing a team of customer service representatives and ensuring that the customer’s needs are met in a timely and efficient manner. This includes developing and implementing customer service strategies, managing customer inquiries and complaints, and ensuring that customer service standards are met. They also work closely with other departments to resolve issues and ensure customer satisfaction. Additionally, the Customer Network Lead may also be responsible for training and developing the customer service team, and analyzing customer data to identify areas for improvement.

Location InfoApplication Info
Hawthorn East Closed

Cleaning & Trolley Collection – Salary : $21.00 – $27.00 /hour

The role involves maintaining the cleanliness of the store and its surroundings, including sweeping, mopping and dusting. The job also includes collecting shopping carts from the parking lot and returning them to the store. This role requires physical labor, as well as good customer service skills as the job holder will be interacting with customers. The job holder is expected to work independently and as part of a team.

Top 5 Location InfoApplication Info

Safety Advisor – Salary : $120.000 – $130.000 /year

The role involves implementing and monitoring safety procedures in the store to ensure the safety and well-being of employees and customers. The job holder will be responsible for conducting safety inspections, identifying and addressing potential hazards, providing training on safety procedures and conducting investigations into accidents and near-misses. The job holder should have good knowledge of safety regulations and experience in implementing safety programs. Strong communication and leadership skills are also required in this role.

Location InfoApplication Info
Mt Gravatt Closed

Technical Product Manager – Salary : $137.000 – $147.000 /year

Location InfoApplication Info
Melbourne Closed

Team Leader – Salary : $18.00 – $24.00 /hour

Location InfoApplication Info
The Glen & SurroundsClosed

Dry Goods Manager – Salary : $75.000 – $85.000 /year

Location InfoApplication Info
Top RydeClosed

Talent Acquisition Coordinator – Salary : $107.000 – $117.000 /year

Top 5 Location InfoApplication Info

Talent Acquisition Lead – Salary : $110.000 – $120.000 /year

Top 5 Location InfoApplication Info
Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane Closed

Customer Service Manager – Salary : $68.000 – $78.000 /year

Top 5 Location InfoApplication Info

Coles Bakery Assistant – Salary : $20.00 – $26.00 /hour

Top 5 Location InfoApplication Info
Wattle GroveClosed

Property Business Analyst – Salary : $85.000 – $95.000 /year

Top 5 Location InfoApplication Info
Hawthorn East Closed

Store Manager – Salary : $107.000 – $117.000 /year

Top 5 Location InfoApplication Info
Brisbane CBD and surrounds  Closed

Store Team Member: This position may require you to do more than one job. Sometimes you will need to check the shelves and renew the missing products. Sometimes you will help the customers who wants something from you to find the product they are looking for. By taking part in the oven section, you can pack the food properly. You may even need to serve slices with customers by working in the delicatessen department. You must complete the tasks to be given energetically and quickly. You should have information about the products and give detailed answers to customers’ questions.

Location InfoApplication Info
All LocationsDetails Page

Cleaning & Trolley Collection: You must do the work assigned to you without being under constant supervision. You can work both indoors and outdoors. You should collect the shopping cart around the store regularly. You must keep clean your teammates rooms, all toilets and the entire store at all times. You will need to use various cleaning equipment to do the cleaning.

Location InfoApplication Info
All LocationsDetails Page

Network Planning Analyst: Network Planning Analyst: You should create strategic plans to develop the Coles e-Commerce part. Thus, you will take charge and make predictions to achieve the company’s growth targets. Identifying gaps in the network and providing various recommendations are also among your duties. You should be using programs such as Excel, Tableau, and PowerBI with a good degree. You are expected to have previous experience in a Data and Business Analyst role in any company.

Top 5 & All Location InfoApplication Info
Hawthorn East Melbourne, VIC (Full Time)Closed

Coles Application Form/PDF

There are two ways to make your application for Coles. The first one is that you can fill in the application form, the link to the form is provided below, for the current open positions listed above. During your applications, you are strictly required to fulfill your educational background and working history/experiences completely, so that you will not encounter any issues once you are called for an interview.

The second way of application is to head to the nearest Coles to your local residence and deliver your application either to human resources manager or general manager. Having your CV in hand while delivering your application to the manager will be an advantage for your application to be taken into consideration rapidly. If you do not have the time to prepare an application form, instead, you may consider using template forms that most of the companies to receive.

There are no printable job applications for Coles. The company accepts job applications only by online application.

Coles Jobs Near Me with Table

LocationsColes Hiring Details
Brisbane, QLD
(Full-Time & Part-Time)
Details & Apply (119 open positions)
New South Wales
– (Full-Time & Part-Time)
Details & Apply (649 open positions)
– (Full-Time & Part-Time)
Details & Apply (679 open positions)
Melbourne, VIC
– (Full-Time & Part-Time)
Details & Apply (446 open positions)
Sydney, NSW
– (Full-Time & Part-Time)
Details & Apply (332 open positions)
Perth, WA
– (Full-Time & Part-Time)
Details & Apply (151 open positions)
– (Full-Time & Part-Time)
Details & Apply (32 open positions)
– (Full-Time & Part-Time)
Details & Apply (25 open positions)
Central Coast, NSW
– (Full-Time & Part-Time)
Details & Apply (17 open positions)

More Information working at Coles

What age can you work at Coles?

How old do you have to be to work at Coles? Any person wishing to work at Coles must be at least 15 years old. There may be various differences depending on the store you want to work in, the state. If you want more detailed information, you can review the employment guidelines on the official Coles website or go to the store you want to work for and access detailed information.

How long does Coles take to reply after interview?

At the stage of applying for a job online for any position, it will take approximately 30 minutes to fill out the application. It is likely that you will hear an update on your application within 5-7 days after the position you have applied for is closed. In this part, which is the first stage of the recruitment process, you introduce yourself to the company. The process after the job application is the job interview process. After the completion of the job interview process, you will receive a positive/negative response within 15 days.

Can a 13 year old work at Coles?

Anyone wishing to work at Coles must be at least 15 years old. Someone 13.14 years old cannot work at Coles. It will not be enough to be 15,16,17 years old to work at Liquour, which is associated with alcohol, and Coles Express, which offers faster solutions. Persons who want to work here must be 18 years old, which is the legal limit.

Is it hard to get a job at Coles?

Job postings at Coles are constantly renewed. In other words, it can take a maximum of 2 weeks to get a job for any new position. Especially if you are considering working in any of the entry-level positions, it will be in your best interest to send your application and CV to the company as soon as you see the job posting. For example, if you are considering working at Coles in Sydney, you must follow the steps in “How to Apply for a …” to find job opportunities in Sydney and then apply for a job.

Coles’ employee benefits

  • You participate in structured training programs in the store.
  • You can be included in the graduate program that will be valid anywhere in the world.
  • Coles is not just one brand. There are many brands under it. So you have many options for your career development. If we look at what Coles subsidiaries are:

Coles Supertmarkets: All supermarket products of the retail area are offered for sale to customers in these stores. Here you usually take on in-store positions.

Coles Online: People shop by accessing the Coles site from their computers or phones, and couriers deliver it to their address. It means service to the customer, even if it is anywhere. Customers who do not have enough time to go to the supermarket often prefer to shop this way. Products can be delivered on the same day or delivered the next day, according to the customer’s request. Or the products can be prepared and delivered when the customer passes through that location. A lot of staff are also behind this business to make the online experience great.

Coles Liquor: Liquor is sold in 900 of Coles stores. Some of these stores are more popular than others: Liquorland, First Choice Liquor and Vintage Cellars. Sales professionals or people knowledgeable about liquor can work in this section.

Coles Express: It serves customers at 700 locations in total. These are smaller grocery stores and are usually found at fuel sales points. A total of around 5000 people work under this brand.

Coles Financial Services: It is a company that offers services related to insurance, credit cards and various loan products. Like other Coles brands, this company currently only serves people living in Australia.

Flybus: It is a loyalty program. This program has a significant membership of 8 million. Coles does not own this company entirely. However, exactly half of the shares are owned by Coles.

Spirit Hotels: Coles has undertaken the management of hotels in some parts of Australia. Perhaps over time you can see Coles hotels all over Australia.

Coles Store Locations Near Me (with Table)

Location InfoView in Maps
Melbourne (All)View & Details
Melbourne Central
-Address: 211 La Trobe St, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia
-Phone Contact Number: +61 3 9663 5245
View & Details
spencer street
-Address: 201 Spencer St, Docklands VIC 3008, Australia
-Phone Contact Number: +61 3 7007 5300
View & Details

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    I am writing to apply for the position of a Grocery Team Member, as advertised on your website.

    The position featured in your ad is very interesting and I believe that my skills and previous work experience as a baker in Germany will make me a very competitive candidate for this position.

    In addition to my high school diploma, I completed internships in a law firm and a car dealership in a large company. I also worked in a bakery for 3 years. I was very popular because of my quick wit and excellent performance. In particular, I have acquired knowledge about the daily work, e.g. helping with organic things and beacons. I am reliable, friendly, attentive and courageous. This also shows that I flew to Australia when I was 19. My English skills are very good thanks to my 3-month Cambridge course at the language school “The Language Academy”.

    As I currently live in Ashmore the nearest Coles is a 15 minute walk and commuting would not be a problem.

    I would very much welcome the opportunity of an interview to present myself personally.

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