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If you’re seeking job opportunities at Big W, you can conveniently apply online via the Woolworths official website. Big W prioritizes creating a positive and joyful work environment for its employees. As a renowned company, Big W is dedicated to supporting its staff in reaching their career aspirations and maximizing their potential.

Whether your interests lie in retail, customer service, or management, Big W offers a range of positions for skilled and motivated individuals. Take the first step and apply online today to embark on your career journey with a company that values its workforce.

Big W is a renowned retail chain that provides an extensive selection of products catering to all age groups. With a presence in 186 locations throughout Australia and Asia, Big W is known for offering top-notch items at competitive prices. Their vast inventory spans across categories such as clothing, home essentials, toys, electronics, pet supplies, cleaning products, party supplies, toys, and books.

Backed by a dedicated team of 22,000 enthusiastic individuals, Big W prioritizes delivering exceptional customer service and ensuring a welcoming shopping experience. Established in 1964, Big W has built a solid reputation for providing quality products and outstanding service to customers for over five decades.

How to Apply for a Big W Australia Jobs (Careers Login Details)

1. Click Big W Careers Login Page

2. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and access the “Rise to your potential” tab. Then tap / click the “See all qualified roles” button.

3. Select from State, Country, Posted within the last, Expertise, Work type, Postcode, Distance sections and click / tap the “Search” button. If you don’t make any selections, all positions will be listed.

4. When you click / tap on any of the listed open positions, you will access the position details page. If you are accessing it from the computer, you can open it in a new tab with a right click and review.

5. After viewing the position details, if you think you meet the conditions, click / tap the Apply button at the top or bottom of the page.

6. After this step, you will have finished the Big W Applications Process part. The company will call you for a job interview if it deems fit. Then you will need to pay attention to the job interview steps. (careers site details.)

Big W Job Descriptions & Opportunities (with Salaries)

Big W Job Application Form & Careers

Big W presents a diverse array of employment prospects for individuals who are enthusiastic and committed. Job roles encompass sales assistants, team leaders, managers, and customer service representatives. Salaries differ based on the position and experience level, with sales assistants typically earning approximately $20 per hour, while managers can receive up to $80,000 per year.

Big W prioritizes employee growth by offering training and development initiatives. If you seek a workplace that values its staff and fosters a positive environment, consider applying for a rewarding position at Big W.

Store Team Member

“Big W Store Team Member” is an essential role in the retail industry. They are responsible for providing excellent customer service, maintaining store appearance and organization, and assisting with sales and inventory management. Strong communication and problem-solving skills are required, as well as the ability to work well in a team environment. This is a fast-paced and dynamic role that offers opportunities for growth and development. Join the team at Big W and help make a positive impact in the retail industry.

LocationsApply Online
Underwood QLDDetails & Apply
All LocationsDetails & Apply

Category Manager

They are responsible for managing and developing a specific product category, such as clothing, electronics, or home goods. This includes analyzing sales data, identifying trends, and making strategic decisions to maximize profitability. They also work closely with suppliers and vendors to ensure the best products are being offered to customers. Strong analytical and leadership skills are required, as well as the ability to think strategically and make data-driven decisions. Join the team at Big W as a Category Manager and take your career to the next level.

Senior Category Manager

“Big W Senior Category Manager” is a high-level position within the retail industry, responsible for overseeing and driving the success of a specific product category, such as clothing, electronics, or home goods. This includes analyzing market trends, identifying opportunities, and implementing strategies to increase sales and profits. They lead and manage a team of category managers, provide guidance and mentorship, and work closely with suppliers and vendors to ensure the best products are available to customers. Strong analytical, leadership and strategic thinking skills are essential for this role. Join the Big W team as a Senior Category Manager and take your career to the next level.

Senior Technical Lead

“Big W Senior Technical Lead” is a crucial role in the technology industry. They are responsible for leading the technical direction of projects, managing a team of developers, and ensuring that deliverables meet the required standards of quality and performance. They also work closely with stakeholders to understand their requirements and ensure that solutions align with the company’s overall strategy. Strong technical skills, leadership abilities, and excellent communication skills are required for this role. Join the Big W team as a Senior Technical Lead and help drive the success of our technology initiatives.

Merchandise Leader

Big W Merchandise Leaders have roles in three categories: Customer, Team and Store Processes. Customer: You must ensure that customers have a great experience in the store you work in, and that compliments and complaints are appropriately received from customers. Team: You should plan your team and create a team that will work best. You are also responsible for hiring and firing staff, providing necessary training and development.

LocationsApply Online
Warwick, QLD 4370Details & Apply
All LocationsDetails & Apply

Team Member: You must comply with all Occupational Health and Safety procedures and policies set by the company’s officials. In this way, the safety of both customers and personnel who come to the stores to shop is ensured. You have to adapt to teamwork with a team. You should approach customers in a helpful and friendly manner. In this way, you will maximize the customer experience. You should take part in stock filling, sales and ticketing processes.

Supplier Admin Support – Salary : $62.000 – $72.000 /year

Location InfoApplication Info
NSW Closed

Contract Manager – Salary : $103.000 – $113.000 /year

Location InfoApplication Info
NSW Closed

Online Personal Shopper – Salary : $18.00 – $24.00 /hour

Location InfoApplication Info
Southland Closed
Maryborough Closed

Assistant Grocery Manager – Salary : $55.000 – $65.000 /year

Location InfoApplication Info
QLD  Closed

Customer Assistant – Salary : $57.000 – $67.000 /year

Location InfoApplication Info
WA Closed

Online Hub Team Member:

Location InfoApplication Info
VIC – Big W Waverley GardensClosed

Warehouse Team Member – Salary : $19.00 – $25.00 /hour

Location InfoApplication Info
QLD (Full-Time)Closed

Designer – Print & Textile:

Location InfoApplication Info

Customer Service Team Member: You should assist with any problems of the customer who is shopping in the store. If the customer is looking for a product, you can tell him where the product is or go and bring it. You should make adjustments to ensure that the department you work in is the easiest way for customers to shop. You can generate ideas for the customer to make payments faster and easier.

Location InfoApplication Info
WA – Midland GateClosed
QLD – Hervey BayClosed

Senior Technical Business Analyst – Salary : $125.000 – $135.000 /year

Location InfoApplication Info
WA – Midland GateClosed
Big W Senior Technical Business Analyst

Marketing Manager – Home & Everyday: You will take on the task of bringing the company’s brands to a much better position. To compete with other brands, you have to gain an advantage. You must develop and implement various marketing strategies for the products.

Location InfoApplication Info

Senior Space Planner: You need to create appropriate fields, taking into account the data and insights collected from customers. You will create a planogram considering the principles of Visual Merchandise. You will be expected to manage the people in your team and to coach you when necessary.

Location InfoApplication InfoClosing?
NSW (Full time)Details PageClosed

Fill Leader: You are expected to keep the stock in the right place at the right time by tracking the stock. You must guide the team that will do this. This position is a role in which you can work full time. You are also responsible for carrying out the renovation of the store, taking into account the budget. You should plan the workload and maintain company standards, taking into account the resources you have.

Location InfoApplication InfoClosing?
Tamworth, NSW (Full time)Details PageClosed

Transformation Partner: The people who will work in this role will take part in Big W’s transformation initiatives. This role, which requires working closely with the environment, will focus on solving customer problems. You will contribute to the development of the company’s operating model. If necessary, you will take on the task of managing cross-functional teams correctly. You have to listen to the customers well, adapt to working as a team, and overcome the complexities that arise.

Location InfoApplication Info

Hardgoods / Softgoods Leader: The first thing that people who will take part in this position should know is the fact that the customer is at the center of every job. You should always try to do whatever is right. This will be a good thing for you if you have any previous retail experience. You must make an effort to encourage teamwork and be able to appropriately motivate the people on the team. If you are familiar with the principles of merchandising, this will bring you forward at the selection stage.

Location InfoApplication Info
Wonthaggi, Victoria, Gippsland Bass Coast Shire (Full-time)Closed

Digital Designer: You have to come up with creative things in line with the demands of customers and achieve the determined business goals. You must identify the problems that occur, collect sufficient information and analyze them. You are expected to do all of these in a teamwork. You have to play an active role in the entire design from the first to the last. The designs to be produced should be available on multi-channel platforms such as social media and Web sites. It is also among your most basic duties to reach the deadline of the project.

Location InfoApplication Info
New South Wales 2153 Details Page

Range Analyst: You should know Microsoft Power Point well. You must also be good at communicating both verbally and in writing. Analytical skills must be advanced. If you’ve experienced Business Transformation while working in any business, this can help you stand out compared to other candidates. This will be to your advantage if you have sufficient experience in the FMCG sector or retail sector. You must have a strategic mindset and be good at data analysis. People who will work as Range Analysts at Big W can earn a yearly salary between AU $ 62,423 and AU $ 73,423.

Location InfoApplication Info
New South Wales 2153 Details Page

More Information Big W About

Regardless of the department, Big W publishes job postings on its official site or career sites at certain periods. Although there are expectations from the person who will work from position to position, energetic and dynamic working individuals are generally preferred. After the Big W job application has been submitted, if the CV you filled out meets the application requirements, you will be invited for a job interview. You can be accepted for the job after a face-to-face meeting. At this stage, you should give logical answers to the questions asked. Open positions and short descriptions will be included in the lower part. To get more detailed information about the positions, you should follow the application steps at the bottom of the page.

Open positions and short descriptions will be included in the lower part. To get more detailed information about the positions, you should follow the application steps at the bottom of the page. Big W has a huge work team of 22,000 people and wants to grow this team even bigger. Be part of a fun, passion and inspiring team.

Big W Jobs Near Me (with Table)

LocationsView & Apply Online
BrisbaneDetails & Apply
BrooksideDetails & Apply
Gold CoastDetails & Apply
Details & Apply
(Open Positions: 8)
TownsvilleDetails & Apply
(Open Positions: 0)

Big W Interview Process

According to the information obtained through Glasdoor, 78% of the Bigw job interviews reported that the interview was positive. The majority of people stated that the interview process was “Easy”.

Big W does not conduct a standard job interview with all job applicants. For this reason, it can be an important step for your career to be well prepared before the interview. Depending on the position you are applying for, interviews can be one-on-one or in groups. Some job interviews can even be done online in the form of video. However, in some job interviews, group interviews are conducted first, and then one-on-one interviews are conducted with people who successfully survived the first interview.

The most basic questions you will face in a job interview may be “Why do you want to work at Big W?“, “Why should we hire you at Big W?” You can also test your experience with a hands-on job interview.

After the job application is made, the recruitment process is usually completed within 2 weeks. However, in exceptional cases, you can get a return from Big W within 1 month. It is useful to be patient with the result of the job application.

Some basic questions that are asked during interviews are “why do you want to work here?” and “why should we hire you?” You may also have a practical session where you are asked to sell a product or be given questionnaires to fill out.

See Also: Big W Interview Tips

Big W Work Environment & Company Culture

Positives: Company culture can be considered generally good, as stated by employees at Big W on various career sites. Everyone who works in this company’s stores receives their salary on time and in the form of competitive wages. Most of the employees do their jobs with pleasure. People working here have the chance to work with a team in an environment similar to a medical family.

Negative Aspects: According to the data collected from the people who gave negative feedback, some of the personnel stated that the managers were bad. It has been stated that there are not enough opportunities for career development and that there is too much salary difference between people in managerial positions. Some employees stated that the same opportunities are not offered for everyone and there are problems with job stability.

Big W for Students and Youngs: The issue on which the working people mostly agree is that an ideal working environment is offered for young people and students. Although you usually work in a fast-paced environment, it will not be too difficult for you to handle the work. If there are enough personnel in the store where you work, a “good” comment can be made for work-life balance.

Advantages You Can Gain: Employees working at Big W have the right to buy various products at a discount. You also usually have a flexible working arrangement. You can also get health insurance and fitness support.

Big W Job Application Form / PDF

There are two ways to make your application for Big W. The first one is that you can fill in the application form, the link to the form is provided below, for the current open positions listed above. During your applications, you are strictly required to fulfill your educational background and working history/experiences completely, so that you will not encounter any issues once you are called for an interview. The second way of application is to head to the nearest

Big W to your local residence and deliver your application either to human resources manager or general manager. Having your CV in hand while delivering your application to the manager will be an advantage for your application to be taken into consideration rapidly. If you do not have the time to prepare an application form, instead, you may consider using template forms that most of the companies to receive.

For the time being, Big W does not accept job applications with a printable job application form. All you have to do is apply online.

Video Application Steps

Careers at Big W FAQs

how old do you have to be to get a job at big w?

Generally, Big W will employ staff from the age of 15. However, check with the official Big W website for their latest employment guidelines and hiring age.

Is working in Big W good?

Working at the company under strong management has been a positive experience. They have a balanced approach, being both supportive and firm when necessary. There have been moments where the workload demands seemed high, but it usually works out. The environment encourages employees to aim for excellence, as they strive to balance producing high-quality work while also being efficient.

Can a 13 year old work at BIG W?

You have to be 14 at least to work at Big w but Big w has had 13 year olds working. Minimum age for working. You have to be at least 14, although we had a 13 year old working at out store. They mostly only hire juniors/ students because they don’t stay long and will never get full-time/part-time work.

How much do Big W workers get paid?

How much does Big W pay? The average Big W salary ranges from approximately $79,307 per year for an Assistant Store Manager to $100,818 per year for a Store Manager. The average Big W hourly pay ranges from approximately $18 per hour for a Cashier to $25 per hour for a Night Fill.

Can 14 year olds work at Big W?

Big W is committed to providing employment opportunities to individuals as young as 15 years old. If you’re looking to start your career in retail, Big W might be the perfect fit for you!

How long are Big W shifts?

Big W operates daily from 8am to 6pm, offering a 10-hour shopping experience for customers. The store opens its doors promptly at 8am and closes them at 6pm, providing ample time for shoppers to browse and purchase their desired items.

Big w Store Locations Near Me (Table)

LocationsView in Map
Altona Meadows
İnfo: Altona Meadows Big W opening hours, map, contact number (telephone number) details.
Address: 1/23 Central Ave, Altona Meadows VIC 3028, Australia
Telephone (contact number): +61383475806
Opening Hours – Closing Hours
– Thursday: 9AM–9PM
– Friday: 9AM–9PM
– Saturday: 8AM–6PM
– Sunday: 9AM–6PM
– Monday: 9AM–7PM
– Tuesday: 9AM–7PM
– Wednesday: 9AM–7PM
Details View
(Big W Altona Meadows map store)
Address: 114-118 George St, Beenleigh QLD 4207, Australia
Telephone (contact number): +61738262500
Opening & Closing Hours:
– Thursday: 8:30AM–9PM
– Friday: 8:30AM–6PM
– Saturday: 8:30AM–5PM
– Sunday: 9AM–5PM
– Monday: 8:30AM–6PM
– Tuesday: 8:30AM–6PM
– Wednesday: 8:30AM–6PM
Details View
-Address: Bunbury Forum Shopping Centre, Sandridge Rd, Bunbury WA 6230, Australia
-Telephone (contact number): +61 8 9724 2200
Details & View
-Address: 340 Craigieburn Rd, Craigieburn VIC 3064, Australia
-Telephone (contact number): +61 3 8339 9909
-Opening & Closing Hours:
–Thursday-Friday: 9AM–9PM
–Saturday: 8AM–6PM
–Sunday: 9AM–6PM
–Monday: 10AM–5PM
Holiday opening hours
–Tuesday-Wednesday: 9AM–6PM
Details View
-Address: 326 Camden Valley Way, Narellan NSW 2567, Australia
-Telephone (contact number): +61 2 4646 9302
Details & View
-Address: 260 Jersey Rd, Plumpton NSW 2761, Australia
-Telephone (contact number): +61296776406
Details & View
-Address: Corner of Cross Street and, Park Rd, Hurstville NSW 2220, Australia
-Telephone (contact number): +6128565 9339
Details & View
-Address: Benalla Rd, Shepparton VIC 3630, Australia
-Telephone (contact number): +61358256700
Details & View
-Address: 22 Sowerby St, Muswellbrook NSW 2333, Australia
-Telephone (contact number): +61 2 6541 7900
Details View
Waverley Gardens
İnfo: Waverley Gardens Big W opening hours, map, contact number (telephone number) details.
Address: Police Road and Jackson’s Road, Mulgrave VIC 3170, Australia
-Telephone (contact number): +61 3 8793 3304
Opening Hours – Closing Hours
– Thursday: 9AM–9PM
– Friday: 9AM–9PM
– Saturday: 9AM–6PM
– Sunday: 9AM–6PM
– Monday: 9AM–6PM
– Tuesday: 9AM–6PM
– Wednesday: 9AM–6PM
Details View
(big w waverley gardens map store)

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