Zara Stockroom Assistant Job Description & Salary

Working in this position, you can start doing great things with the team every day. The Stockroom Assistant position is usually a full-time position.

Zara is a company that belongs to the Inditex group. As a part of this group, which has around 175,000 employees around the world, you can reach your goals together with the company. This content will describe the skills, experience and requirements required for the Stockroom Assistant position. You will also be given information about the estimated salary you can earn working in the position.

Warehouse Assistants are people who are at the center of the work done. They play a key role in keeping the invisible part of the company organized. No matter what position you work at Zara, you need to be creative, perform things with high energy, have a passion for fashion and be able to work as a team.

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Skills you must have and experience you must have:

Zara Stockroom Assistant Jobs: Description (Skills and Experince)
  • You must have worked in the warehouse department of any company for at least 1 year before.
  • You must have acquired the necessary experience in taking stocks, then packaging and pricing them.


Australia: Those who will be working in the Stockroom Assistant position at Zara Australia can earn a wage of $22 per hour.

UK (England, Scotland, Wales): If you are considering working at Zara UK as a Stockroom Assistant, your earnings will be £10 per hour.

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