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Verve Portraits Online Job Application Process

Verve Portraits Job ApplicationVerve Portraits stands as one of the best qualified companies among its field. By submitting your application to Verve Portraits that provides the opportunity to work in different positions and departments, you can climb the steps one by one in the way of reaching the top of your career goals. Candidates who reside in Australia will have detailed information both about the online and direct application to Verve Portraits through reading this article. The positions which you can apply for at the nearest Verve Portraits to your location will be explained below.


At Verve your work will create a real, meaningful addition to peoples lives.You will have the chance to work with real people to get to know them, uncover their essence and bring it to life. It’s a big responsibility and one we are proud to have. We appreciate the importance of our work so we are dedicated to hiring the best talent and nurturing them with on-going training, development and support.

At Verve we offer weekly training to ensure our team are constantly evolving and building their skillset. We’re confident that our team can offer customers something that transcends a photo shoot and becomes an experience and leave with something that isn’t just photography, but art.

We offer exciting on-going careers in photography,design, sales, marketing, digital retouching, manufacturing and customer service. We provide on going team-building exercises to make sure we’re more than just a team we’re a family.Working at Verve is an exceptional opportunity to forge a creative and meaningful career.

Apply Online Verve Portraits Jobs

Having open positions in each department, Verve Portraits waits for your applications. Verve Portraits does not require high- level qualifications but the ambition for work and dynamic/ energetic nature for entry level positions: after the application is completed, if the candidate is appropriate for the position, the candidate will be required to join an interview to check the application information and eligibility for the position face to face and the recruitment will be done. Candidates can apply for the best fit position among the list below according to their history either online or directly.

Sales Consultant

The Role

As our Sales Consultant, you will give an amazing final impression to Verve clients following their personalised, and truly special photographic experience with us. You will be colouring their reactions, thoughts and emotions to their breath taking photos, while using your people-powered personality and sales experience to achieve lasting memories for our clients, and success for the studio.

You are

The owner: You own the final experience with our clients, and are the key decision maker. You ensure that everything comes together correctly, and that the outcome meets both the client and Verve’s quality bar.

Adaptable: You recognise that situations change and complications arise, and you’re okay with that. You’re coolly flexible and able to handle whatever comes your way.

Driven: You’re not comfortable waiting for other people to tell you what to do – you go out there and make things happen. Micromanagement isn’t your thing. You can work independently or collaborate as part of a larger team, and sometimes both at the same time. You’re meticulously organised with an unquenchable drive for results.

A natural communicator: You’re adept at communicating to a world of people, and you know how to craft and deliver a compelling narrative to a diverse range of personalities.

Culture and Benefits:

You will rave to friends about working at Verve because of:

  • The creative and fun atmosphere
  • The open and collaborative environment
  • The investment and training we put into our people
  • The dynamic and fast paced nature of our business
  • The premium service we provide our clients
  • The incredible people that work within our organisation
  • The many social events and activities including an annual gala to reward and celebrate your achievements
  • Offsite retreats to facilitate your personal and professional growth

Verve Portraits Job Application Form/PDF

There are two ways to make your application for Verve Portraits. The first one is that you can fill in the application form, the link to the form is provided below, for the current open positions listed above. During your applications, you are strictly required to fulfill your educational background and working history/experiences completely, so that you will not encounter any issues once you are called for an interview. The second way of application is to head to the nearest Verve Portraits to your local residence and deliver your application either to human resources manager or general manager. Having your CV in hand while delivering your application to the manager will be an advantage for your application to be taken into consideration rapidly. If you do not have the time to prepare an application form, instead, you may consider using template forms that most of the companies to receive.

How to Apply for a Verve Portraits Job

Click on the link below to apply for a job

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