Tim Hortons Team Member Job Description & Salary

Tim Hortons Team Member Job Duties & Pay

Tim Hortons is a company that attaches great importance to the satisfaction of its customers. Here, the first duty of the people who will take part in the Team Member position is to ensure that the customers are satisfied. While working as a Team Member, you can meet customers at the door or work in a different area such as the production of bakery products. In all circumstances, you will focus on the topics to get the perfect store experience.

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You have to do your job passionately and be energetic. You have to fulfill the multiple tasks assigned to you in order of importance. You should communicate well with the people in your team and make a mutual contribution. When you work as a Team Member in Tim Hortons, if you complete the assigned tasks well, you will get the chance to be promoted to a Trainer, Supervisor or other leadership position over time. If you want to start working at Tim Hortons and develop your career, you can apply for a job today.

When you work here, you feel like you are working in a home environment. People who come to shop will be your next door neighbors, and the people working in your team will be your friends. Everyone fulfills their duties. In this way, a fun and flexible working environment is created.

Basic Requirements

Tim Hortons Team Member Job Description & Salary (Requirements)
  • You must have advanced customer service skills
  • Shoppers should be approached energetically and passionately
  • Things should be done both temporarily and quickly
  • Multiple jobs should go smoothly
  • It should adapt to teamwork and there should be no problems in communication

Salary Range

Tim Hortons Team Members in Canada can earn between $ 12.8 and $ 15.2 per hour.


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