Sushi Sushi Assistant Store Manager Job Description & Salary

Job Qualifications & Duties

Working as a Store Manager at Sushi Sushi, this position requires full-time work. With the development of its network over time, the company offers people working in this position a career opportunity that promises to develop in the retail/hotel field. The company’s primary expectation is to be someone who respects yourself, all your teammates and company culture.

Sushi is a company that lives by values, also abbreviated as Sushi RICE (Respect, Innovation, Cooperation and Execution).

Sushi Sushi Assistant Store Manager Job Description & Salary Part 1

Company expectations:

  • You must adapt to a multicultural mindset and work environment. You should be proud to be that way.
  • You should be an example to the staff, you should lead the staff and guide them in the right way.
  • You must do your best to provide a great customer experience and put in the effort to create a family culture.
  • You have to push your limits and be open to innovative ideas.
  • You should be able to collaborate with other people on the team and the store manager when necessary.
  • You must master the company’s high quality standards and be committed to maintaining them.

Your Duties and the Advantages of Working Here

  • You should control stocks, perform the listing process, and manage cash properly. Apart from these, you should support the Store Manager in other duties in the daily operation of the store.
  • You should lead the employees and approach the people in the team in a way that provides support.
  • You should always consider the high food and safety standards that the company has adopted.
  • You have to approach the work with passion.
  • It will be an advantage if you have worked in a similar position before and gained experience. However, you can apply for this position even if you do not have experience in a similar field.
  • You will be able to receive continuous support in all matters within the company. In addition, all necessary training will be given.
  • Where accommodation is required, necessary support will be provided and you will have the chance to develop your career by participating in in-company promotion internships.
  • You will be able to earn various discounts on in-store purchases.

Salary: According to the data shared by 34 people working as Assistant Store Managers at Sushi Sushi, the lowest wage is $30,000 per year, while the highest annual wage is $65,000. The average of these fees can be considered as $44,560.

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