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Dominos Job Application Online for Students

Dominos About Us: Founded in Springwood, Queensland, in 1983, Dominos has evolved over three decades to become a leading player in the global pizza market, boasting a strong presence not only in Australia but also in countries like New Zealand and Japan.

Dominos and Student Opportunities: With a substantial turnover nearing 800 million in 2017, Dominos stands as the premier pizza producer and distributor in Australia. As of January 2018, the company operates nearly 700 restaurants nationwide, employing approximately 26,000 individuals across these establishments.

What Casual Positions Are Available for Students at Dominos?

1. Delivery Driver (Scooter Rider/ Electric Bike Rider)

Individuals in this role, commonly referred to as Delivery Drivers or Delivery Riders, are responsible for ensuring timely and accurate delivery of customers’ orders. Proficiency in driving is essential, along with possessing the requisite driving licenses. Alternatively, for those without a driver’s license, delivery can be facilitated using electric bikes. More Info & Apply for Jobs

2. Pizza Maker

This role serves as a fundamental opportunity at Dominos, particularly tailored for students. As a Pizza Maker, you’ll play a pivotal role in crafting the delectable pizzas the company is renowned for. Responsibilities entail maintaining the oven for pizza preparation, adhering to food safety protocols diligently, and ensuring kitchen cleanliness consistently. Prior experience is not a prerequisite for this position, making it accessible to all.

3. Customer Service Representative

Your primary responsibilities encompass extending a warm welcome to customers, both in-store and over the phone, processing their orders efficiently, and ensuring seamless transactions. This role, known as Customer Service Representative (CSR), necessitates strong interpersonal skills due to frequent interactions with individuals. If you possess a penchant for communication and seek part-time employment, the Dominos Customer Service Representative role could be an ideal fit for student employment.

4. In-store Team Member

This role stands out as an excellent choice for individuals seeking part-time employment or those inclined towards casual positions. In-store Team Members, occupying a versatile role, may alternate between serving as customer service representatives and taking on responsibilities as pizza makers. Particularly favored in smaller outlets, this position offers a varied and engaging experience.

5. Shift Runner

Typically, this role entails responsibilities that demand a bit of prior experience. As a Dominos Shift Runner, you’ll oversee the scheduling of personnel engaged in entry-level roles. Additionally, you’ll be tasked with reconciling cash transactions within the restaurant during your shift, mediating any disputes that may arise among staff or between staff and customers, and ensuring a safe environment. Previous experience in one of Dominos’ entry-level positions for a designated period can facilitate your transition into this role.

How do I get a job at Domino’s?

Dominos job applications are made through the official career page of the company. When you access the Dominos Australia career page, you will see two red buttons. One is Jobs IN Australia and the other is Jobs IN New Zealand. From here, you can click/tap and access the open positions page. State, Suburb selections can be made on the Career page. You can also customize the job search by typing the position name you are looking for in the keyword field.

Dominos is not a company that experiences much fluctuation in terms of operation. For this reason, it provides employment opportunities for a certain number of personnel in almost every period. In addition, there is a lot of circulation in the jobs in the Dominos Student Jobs category. Because part-time, casual and student jobs are usually carried out during periods when students are not on vacation. By the end of the year, most of the students leave the country or city and new job opportunities are opened in Dominos.

What is the average pay for a Domino’s casual worker in Australia?

According to information from the PayScale platform, people working at Dominos Australia earn an average hourly wage of AU$17.80. This fee can be considered an average for Australian student jobs. If you perform well, your hourly wage may increase in a short time.

You can also benefit from extra fees, called the government reward rate, based on your age, position and experience. For example, while the reward rate for a 15-year-old working in the fast-food industry is $8.5 per hour, the amount for a 21-year-old who does a casual job is $26 an hour. You can calculate the reward rate through the Fair Work Ombudsman by doing a research on the internet.

The perks of working at Domino’s

While you work here, you benefit from medical, dental, vision and prescription medicine coverage. You will also have the chance to improve yourself thanks to various educational aids. Depending on the position you work in, you can get certain financial benefits and benefit from paid closing time. You can take advantage of the Mental Health and Family Support package and buy products cheaper than other people thanks to the Team Member discounts you can use in the Dominos family. The benefits you will benefit from Dominos franchises may differ.

How old do you have to be to work at Dominos?

Hiring age may differ depending on the position, location and state where you will work at Dominos. However, in general, those who want to work in entry-level positions must be at least 15 years old. So the position doesn’t require you to have a driver’s license, it doesn’t require you to have any particular experience, and you can work at Dominos at the age of 15 if your state’s laws allow it.

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