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Coles Job Application for Students

Coles About Us: Coles and Woolworth are the two largest companies operating in the supermarket sector in Australia. Coles is a company that started its commercial activities in 1994 and focuses on groceries. Coles, which also sells alcoholic beverages and newsstand products, also owns Coles Express branded gas stations and markets. At the same time, products are sold through Coles Online.

Student Careers at Coles: With a turnover of 38 billion in 2019, Coles is the second largest supermarket in Australia. As of 2022, the company has 807 supermarkets and 695 Coles Express gas stations and stores. Nearly 115,000 people are employed in all these 1500 stores. Coles is one of the companies that offers student jobs, part time jobs and casual jobs in a variety of positions. One of the alternative companies for students is Dominos.

What Casual Positions Are Available for Students at Coles?

1. Nightfill Worker

Persons in this position are those who serve after all customers have left and the shop is closed. The next day they do the cleaning of the shelves to give the customers the best environment. They also organize uneven shelves and replenish stock. Coles nightfill Worker is one of the entry-level positions. You can work in this position even if you have no experience. However, you will need to stand for long hours, squatting at times and performing physical activities without any problems.

2. Checkout Operator

You will come face-to-face and communicate appropriately with customers who come to the store to shop. People working in the Checkout Operator position, one of the most important roles at Coles, are the face of the brand. For this reason, you should always display a warm and sincere approach and have detailed information about the products and the store. In order for customers to pay for products, you must have a good grasp of cash and card transactions, know and apply the rules regarding age-restricted products in your state. You can work in this entry-level position without any experience, but it is preferable if you learn quickly what is taught to you.

3. Cleaner and Trolley Collector

The people who will work in this position, which is a combination of two roles, are responsible for both cleaning the inside and outside of the store and tidying up the cars around. It is not necessary that you have worked in a similar role before and have experience, ie you do not have to have experience in this position to perform the duties in the description. However, you may still need to be in a structure that pays attention to details.

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