Senior Network Engineer Job Description & Salary

Senior Network Engineer Job Duties & Pay

Although what is expected of you may differ according to the company you will work with, the generally functional network infrastructure will be designed by you and then implemented with your team. When the support layers rise, problems related to them should be detected and a solution should be provided. You should support your colleagues in your team when they need it. You should also find solutions to user needs.

Position Details

You should care that the networks you will develop are functional and secure in any attack situations. At the same time, you will be expected to keep improving on these networks as long as you work. You will work with engineers and support them in your team. Together with the team, you will take on the task of optimizing networks and troubleshooting.

People who work in the position of Senior Network Engineer should be able to solve the problems that will occur quickly. At the same time, you must have sufficient knowledge of network management and architecture in any business or individually. If you are an individual passionate about data protection and network security, this position is ideal for you.

You must carefully understand customers’ expectations and build networks that cover all their needs.

Main Responsibilities

Senior Network Engineer Job Description & Salary
  • Designing and deploying functional networks such as LAN, WAN, WLAN,
  • Installation and configuration of network-related software, servers, routers and all other necessary devices
  • Following the good performance of established networks
  • Elimination of problems that will occur in local and cloud infrastructures
  • Automating tasks and keeping a close watch on activities
  • The team member consulting you with any technical matter
  • Establishing various security measures, inspecting where necessary and conducting tests
  • Avoid communicating appropriately with users when needed.
  • Keeping technical documents
  • Improving the performance of the network day by day

What Should Be the Basic Requirements?

  • You must have worked for a certain amount of time at any company in a position such as Network Manager or Senior Network Engineer
  • You must have CCDP, CCNP or similar certificates.
  • You must have sufficient knowledge of network management and architecture.
  • You should have an in-depth understanding of what communication protocols such as TCP / IP are and how they work.
  • You should know almost everything there is to know about routing protocols such as OSPF, BGP.
  • You should know some coding languages ​​such as Perl and Python. You will use these languages ​​in the script part.
  • You should have gained experience in diagnosing networks such as SolarWinds network tools and using the necessary analysis tools.
  • You should have detailed information about network operating systems such as Cisco IOS, JUNOS.
  • You should not give up and find solutions in the problems that will occur.
  • In addition to working with the team, you must be able to work independently.

Salary Range


CompanySalary Range
Ambulance Victoria$1420,847 – $154,887 per year
AC3$133,645 – $142,345 per year
Datacom $106,573 – $118,573 per year
IP Australia $101,255 – $109,555 per year
City of Parramatta $92,126 – $99,146 per year

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