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On the SEEK platform, it is tried to create an environment where both job applicants and employers can chat. Each company has its own page on SEEK.

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Are company reviews available on SEEK?

Yes, it’s found on the company’s SEEK page in the Review section, where current or former employees can share their experiences. SEEK employs a team to manually review these submissions to ensure they adhere to community guidelines. Additionally, reviews undergo an initial automated screening process.

Can Review Accuracy Be Verified? The accuracy of information gathered through investigations about the company cannot be confirmed. Reviews are published as submitted, provided they comply with community rules.

While we strive for accuracy, occasional inappropriate reviews may slip through. If you suspect a review violates community guidelines, you can report it for review.

How can I submit a review?

To leave a review, simply go to Each submission is carefully reviewed and moderated before publication. Rest assured, all reviews are anonymous. Feel free to share your experiences with multiple companies you’ve worked for.

Will my review be anonymous?

Your review on SEEK will indeed remain anonymous, ensuring that no personally identifiable information is disclosed within your feedback.

Why do I have to sign in to write a review?

The reason for requiring sign-in to write a review is to ensure the authenticity of reviews by verifying that they come from real individuals. This process helps SEEK identify and prevent spam or fake reviews effectively. By reviewing account history and profile details, SEEK can mitigate fraudulent activities and maintain confidence in the reliability of the information shared in reviews. Additionally, signing in enables SEEK to notify you about any moderation or responses to your review in the future, and it provides you with the capability to edit or remove your review if needed.

Will SEEK reveal the identity of who wrote a review?

SEEK ensures that all Company Reviews are posted anonymously to uphold transparency and authenticity. While reviews are linked to the reviewer’s SEEK account for moderation purposes, no identifiable information is disclosed publicly or to the reviewed company, unless required by law. This commitment underscores SEEK’s dedication to maintaining the confidentiality of reviewers while providing trustworthy information on Company Review pages.

How do I write a good review?

  • Provide candid and valuable insights – consider what information would benefit others in understanding a workplace.
  • Exercise caution with sensitive details – avoid mentioning specific individuals or confidential information. Reviews are intended to offer a broad overview of a company’s internal atmosphere. Reviews pinpointing individuals or sensitive details will not be approved for publication.
  • Maintain anonymity – SEEK has taken measures to protect your identity. To remain anonymous, refrain from including specific details such as job titles and exact dates of employment.

How do I edit or remove my own review?

We are currently working to make editing available from your SEEK account. In the interim please contact us and we will edit or remove the review on your behalf.

How is the overall rating determined?

The overall rating is calculated as an average of all the reviews for that Company. There is no weighting, all reviews count towards the overall rating.

Can employers respond to reviews?

Yes, employers can respond to reviews. Responses must meet our community guidelines. Employers do not know who posted the review as all reviews are anonymous and no identifiable information will be provided by SEEK to the employer.

How are reviews ordered?

Reviews are currently ordered based on their helpfulness rating. This rating is determined by SEEK’s own algorithm, which accounts for multiple factors such as review: freshness, relevancy, constructiveness and balanced opinion.

How are the two reviews appearing on the ‘Overview’ page selected? Can page owners select them?

We don’t currently support page owners selecting those two reviews. These reviews are currently selected based on their helpfulness rating. This rating is determined by SEEK’s own algorithm, which accounts for multiple factors such as review: freshness, relevancy, constructiveness and balanced opinion.

Information for Employers


We know that choosing to hire someone is a big decision and you want to find the right person for the job. We also know that choosing where to work is a big decision for a candidate.

At SEEK we believe it is important that each party has as much information as possible to make an informed decision. For employers this is giving you access to SEEK Profiles; for candidates it is having honest information about an organisation’s workplace culture and what it’s really like to work there. We believe increasing the information available to candidates about organisations will result in organisations like yours getting more engaged and relevant applications, and ultimately employees who are a great cultural fit.

SEEK’s Company Reviews Pages provide information about companies in Australia and New Zealand. This information is a combination of user generated content from current and previous employees, as well as information provided by the company itself. The user generated content includes written reviews and star-ratings that provide feedback on a range of subjects, such as work life balance and career development. Reviews are anonymous and are published after a comprehensive moderation process.

Employer Guidelines

Company review pages feature a number of mechanisms through which employers can moderate and utilise the page to share information and shape the conversation around their employer value proposition (EVP). The review section of the site is user generated content that is moderated by SEEK and third-party providers.

As an employer you can moderate your company review page. This enables you to:

  1. Communicate your employer brand: By moderating your page you can share key information about your company’s values, services and strategy and add your logo. This kind of information is very useful to candidates when they are considering where they should work and can help you attract the most relevant candidates.
  2. Respond to reviews: Hearing from employers is a really valuable way for candidates to understand a company’s point of view. A well-considered response to both positive and negative feedback is an opportunity to show you are listening to employee’s perspectives, and to demonstrate your engagement as an employer. All employee reviews and employer responses are governed by our community guidelines.

Responding to Reviews

We encourage employers to be part of the conversation with potential candidates by responding to reviews. This option is available to all companies at no cost. To learn more about how to access and moderate your page, please contact us. Alternatively, if you are SEEK client, please contact your Account Manager.

The review and respond section is very simple to use. Beside each review is a button that allows you to read the full review and if you choose to, provide a response. We suggest that you do identify yourself to make the experience more personal and authentic. Your name will sit alongside your response.

When replying to a review, remember that you are doing so as a trusted ambassador for your company and that you are writing in a public forum. A good employer response contains:

  1. Acknowledgement to the reviewer for sharing their views – by thanking the reviewer you set a positive tone from the outset. Responses should always be polite and professional, not aggressive or defensive.
  2. Addresses the specific points raised – if you are taking the time to reply, it is best to write directly to the reviewer – a generic reply does not convey that you are really listening. Acknowledge any positive feedback, and with regards to any negatives you might like to share what you have been doing to improve.
  3. Finish on a positive – try to close out your reply with something you feel the company is doing well that you think is relevant and meaningful to this particular reviewer.

These responses are subject to our community guidelines and are published as quickly as possible. You are not able to edit an already submitted response but you can delete it and resubmit if there is anything else you’d like to add or change.

Responses to reviews can be reported in the same way as any candidate comments so may be removed for review temporarily or permanently if we feel anything is outside of our community guidelines.

For more information, please contact our Customer Service team on +61 1300 658 700 Monday to Friday, 7am to 7pm AEST.

Employers FAQs

Where can I find company reviews?

Company reviews are available at Over time, the list of available companies will grow as we add to it. You can submit a company review by heading to

Are company review pages free?

Yes, company review pages are free. In the future there will also be paid opportunities for companies who would like to invest in advanced branding options and in building awareness of their review page.

Will company reviews only be for active SEEK Advertisers?

Any Australian or company will have a page as long as we have enough reviews gathered to publish the review page.

How are reviews ordered?

Reviews are currently ordered based on their helpfulness rating. This rating is determined by SEEK’s own algorithm, which accounts for multiple factors such as review: freshness, relevancy, constructiveness and balanced opinion.

How are the two reviews appearing on the ‘Overview’ page selected? Can page owners select them?

These reviews are currently selected based on their helpfulness rating. This rating is determined by SEEK’s own algorithm, which accounts for multiple factors such as review: freshness, relevancy, constructiveness and balanced opinion.

What’s the percentage of positive-rated profiles?

We don’t have a specific number on this just yet, but we do know that they are mostly very positive. As this platform continues to achieve scale, we will have more information on this that we will share with you.

How are we driving traffic to the review pages?

  1. For companies who advertise on SEEK, there will be a link to their review page from the job Ad Detail view
  2. The pages will be discoverable through relevant search results via Google and other search engines
  3. And finally, the review pages can be found from both the SEEK homepage and links throughout the site.

What data is collected on a company review?

A company review may include multiple-choice questions and free text entries. Not all questions are mandatory. Employees are asked for overall ratings and recommendations about the experience at a current or former workplace, as well as specific ratings on topics such as ‘work-life balance’ and ‘opportunities for career development’. Optionally, they may also submit salary information and details such as location and how long they’ve been at the company. All this information is displayed anonymously.

Page Management – Editing, Responding and Notifications

What notifications will I get about my company review page?

Notifications will be sent as each page is about to go live and as each new review is submitted. This will enable companies to respond to reviews and keep their page up to date. To learn more about how RSS feeds work and instructions about how to set up a feed, please click here.

Does the review page go live after the first review?

Our commitment is to create a platform that provides quality information to candidates and employers. New company pages are rolled out when we have quality content for publication. This is different to a definitive number of minimum reviews to activate a page and will ensure the content tells a balanced story about an organisation, as well as delivering more value for candidates.

Can my company opt-out and delete our page?

Company review pages are public information hubs containing publicly available information, company submitted information and user generated content. Companies are able to claim their profiles and have a level of control over the branding and company information, but closing or deleting a profile is not supported. If you’ve seen a review that you view as offensive of fraudulent, you can flag the review for our moderators to assess.

A company’s rating is the average of the overall ratings from all valid reviews for that company. There is no extra weight to any particular review or segment and only reviews that have passed moderation contribute towards overall score. The overall rating is different and unrelated to the ratings given for each of the company review facets. The rating will be updated as often as there are new reviews published, or reported reviews removed from the website. SEEK utilises caching methodologies to increase page load performance and this can result in a delay of updates appearing to users, but the star ratings is always a reflection of the reviews being displayed live

Why is the overall rating displayed next to my job ads?

Providing a link next to a company’s job ads makes it easier for candidates to find relevant reviews while they are in the job-search flow.

I would like to improve my company’s overall rating. How can I do that?

We’ve noticed a correlation between the number of reviews and the overall rating which indicates that you may be able to increase your overall ranking by increasing the number of reviews associated with your company. A good way to achieve this is to encourage current employees to leave a review. Our user testing and feedback also shows that jobseekers and candidates appreciate it when employers respond to reviews and engage with past and present employees via the review page. Interestingly, candidates also told us that they appreciate additional company information on this platform, to give them a better understanding of the company, and combined with the reviews, helped them assess if it was right for them.

How can I get more reviews on my page?

This is a great idea and it’s easy to do. Simply send this link to your employees encouraging them to complete a review:

Can I hide my overall rating?

The star rating is a valuable part of the overall review experience. To provide candidates with the total information available we cannot hide the star rating.

Will my overall rating impact the number of applications I receive?

As with all product enhancements, we are carefully monitoring ad performance to make sure that we continue to deliver great value to our hirers. Due to the number of variables which impact ad performance, it may take us some time to fully understand any shifts in candidate behaviour related to Company Reviews. Company Reviews is aimed to help hirers find a better fit for their roles. Reducing the volume of applications delivered while increasing the relevancy of those applications would make finding that right candidate that bit easier.

Will my rating appear on a Google search?

Yes. On certain search terms Google and other search engines will identify the reviews and ratings content and display overall ratings and reviews count next to a page search results. This is not fully controlled by SEEK and search engines may change how they choose to display this information over time.

Will the rating be shown with the ad summary?

No. The star rating and link to the full company review page will appear only with the detailed job ad view. Our research indicates that this is the appropriate time to provide job-seekers with more information about a company, and provide them with a link to learn more.


We believe in an open and helpful community with the purpose of helping candidates make informed choices about where they would like to work. To ensure the highest quality environment, all submissions are moderated in line with our community guidelines before they are published. However, we do not fact check or verify any statements or claims as they are solely the opinion of the poster, and in the interest of fairness and transparency do not allow companies to remove or edit any of the comments posted. Despite our best efforts, occasionally an inappropriate review may be published. In these rare cases you can report a review as being inappropriate if you feel it is suspicious or violates our community guidelines.

How are Company Reviews moderated?

All UGC is moderated before publication. Company Reviews are moderated following four stages:

  1. ‘Listeners’ – these are software-based filters for profanities and other ‘bad words’.
  2. Human moderation – all reviews are read by a real person, which will moderate it following business rules (see below) set up by SEEK.
  3. Content is approved, rejected or flagged – flagged content is escalated to a ‘super moderator’ (someone internal) for final decision.
  4. Once published, content can be flagged as inappropriate by anyone, which will trigger a new review process by the moderation team.

What are SEEK’s business rules around content moderation?

SEEK will only remove reviews if they are deemed to be:

  • Libellous
  • Factually incorrect
  • Incentivised by third parties
  • Naming individuals or disclosing personal information
  • Contain poor grammar or offensive language
  • Referencing illegal activities
  • Sensitive company information
  • Any form of submission not deemed helpful to, or in the spirit of helping, our community.

I don’t like a particular review, can you please remove it?

In the interests of creating an authentic and balanced view, we will not remove reviews on this basis. If you think a review is inappropriate, you are able to report it by using the flag option, which will immediately trigger a secondary moderation process.

I have reported a review as inappropriate – does this trigger the review to go back to the standard stage human moderation process (or a better moderation process). Can people flagging reviews leave a note as to why?

Yes. When reviews are reported, the reviewer will be asked to choose from a list of reasons as to why the review is inappropriate, and in addition, write some detail on why they believe it is in breach of the given policies. This process is identical for reviewers and employers. Once submitted, the review goes offline and is sent back to the moderation team for assessment.

How is SEEK making sure that all reviews are authentic?

To leave a review, a reviewer must sign-in using their email address. This will help us to verify these reviews and also communicate to these candidates if needed. Linking a review to a SEEK user account is an efficient way to identify spam or illegitimate reviews. By looking at account history and profile information, SEEK can detect fraudulent activity and have increased certainty about the credibility of the information being provided in the review. In future, this will also allow people to be notified if their review is moderated or responded to, as well as enabling users to remove or change their review if they wish to do so. We are committed to continually improving Company Reviews to help ensure that it is a valuable and trusted resource for employees and employers alike!

Will SEEK reveal the identity of who wrote a review?

Company Reviews are posted anonymously. Just as SEEK is committed to providing authentic information on Company Review pages, we are equally careful to maintain the anonymity of every reviewer. Although a submitted review is linked to that reviewers’ SEEK user account, no identifiable information is revealed to the public or to the company that is the subject of the review, except where SEEK is compelled by law to disclose this information.

If a review is flagged as being inappropriate and is removed from the site, how quickly will this affect my star rating?

The overall rating is the average of all live reviews. If a review is removed, the overall rating is recalculated simultaneously and the new rating is displayed immediately.

Terms and Conditions

SEEK will not publish any Content that is found to not meet our community guidelines, and remove any content post-publication it deems inappropriate. These guidelines preclude any submissions that are found to include information that is found to be libellous, factually incorrect, incentivised by third parties, naming individuals or disclosing personal information, contain poor grammar or offensive language, referencing illegal activities, sensitive company information, or any form of submission not deemed helpful to, or in the spirit of helping, our community.

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Before a review is published it goes through a two stage moderation process which includes automated screening as well as manual review by a moderator to ensure that every review published meets our community guidelines. SEEK also monitor for spamming and fraudulent behaviour. SEEK does not verify the truth, accuracy or origin of any comments or reviews and does not adopt or endorse any of the comments published. SEEK cannot guarantee all reviews are posted by current or former employees of the reviewed company.

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