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SA Health Online Job Application Process

SA Health stands as one of the best qualified companies among its field. By submitting your application to SA Health that provides the opportunity to work in different positions and departments, you can climb the steps one by one in the way of reaching the top of your career goals. Candidates who reside in Australia will have detailed information both about the online and direct application to SA Health through reading this article. The positions which you can apply for at the nearest SA Health to your location will be explained below.

SA Health has employment opportunities all over the state of South Australia and we are always looking for skilled people across our workforce. At SA Health we employ over 37,000 people who work together to service the healthcare needs of the 1.64 million people that live in South Australia. Whether it is the City of Adelaide and its surrounding suburbs, the wine regions, the outback, a community focussed regional centre or one of our spectacular coastal towns there are plenty of places to find the perfect location and a job with SA Health.

SA Health Job Application

Apply Online SA Health Jobs

Having open positions in each department, SA Health waits for your applications. SA Health does not require high- level qualifications but the ambition for work and dynamic/ energetic nature for entry level positions: after the application is completed, if the candidate is appropriate for the position, the candidate will be required to join an interview to check the application information and eligibility for the position face to face and the recruitment will be done. Candidates can apply for the best fit position among the list below according to their history either online or directly.

Rehabilitation Consultant / Senior Consultant

The incumbent will work in the rehabilitation wards and provide regular outreach services to country SA rehabilitation units.  He/she will work to implement new models of care developed as part of the SA Transforming Health initiative.  This includes: participating in a roster that allows 7 day a week admissions to occur safely, ensuring  consultant review of inpatients occurs within 12-24 hours, attending family meetings, being available on the ward to informally meet with families one afternoon a week, using tele-health in clinics, participating in benchmarking approaches, rearranging clinics to allow country hospital visits when required, actively supporting research activities. In addition to activities involving AROC each year the incumbent will be expected to lead a quality improvement initiative with the goal of improving the overall standard of care in the department.

Nurse Consultant – Intensive Care Unit

The Nurse Consultant classified at this level provide clinical nursing/midwifery expertise for specified individual patients/clients and/or groups/populations, and/or provide clinical leadership for an area of practice, and may work in a variety of clinical settings, and will work within their area and stream of practice and have a significant degree of autonomy and decision making also, including but not limited to primarily providing nursing/midwifery care; clinical leadership to nurses/midwives and Nurse Practitioner Candidate.

Systems Analyst

The Systems Analyst is accountable to the Team Leader, System Administration for providing skills and knowledge to support technical and systems administration for a variety of applications in a widespread and complex environment.


As part of the SA Medical Imaging team at the Riverland General Hospital in Berri, you will be responsible for the provision of standard medical imaging services, working under the guidance of more experienced Radiographers. Using specialised equipment, you will perform diagnostic medical imaging examinations for clients across a range of specialities. You will also assist with patient preparation, appropriate use of Radiology Information Systems and digital imaging systems. Working collaboratively with Radiologists, Sonographers, Radiographers, Administrative Staff and Nursing Staff as required, you may provide assistance to less experienced Radiographers, medical radiation students on clinical placement and work experience students. As part of your role, you will help contribute to approved research programs and departmental quality control programs. Participating in the SA Medical Imaging Network, you will receive clinical advice, mentorship and support from Accredited Radiographers, Senior/Specialist staff and the Manager, Medical Imaging Services.

SA Health Job Application Form/PDF

There are two ways to make your application for SA Health. The first one is that you can fill in the application form, the link to the form is provided below, for the current open positions listed above. During your applications, you are strictly required to fulfill your educational background and working history/experiences completely, so that you will not encounter any issues once you are called for an interview. The second way of application is to head to the nearest SA Health to your local residence and deliver your application either to human resources manager or general manager. Having your CV in hand while delivering your application to the manager will be an advantage for your application to be taken into consideration rapidly. If you do not have the time to prepare an application form, instead, you may consider using template forms that most of the companies to receive.

How to Apply for a SA Health Job

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