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Regal Care Employment & Hiring Process

It is a company serving the Greater Melbourne area. The company has ISO 9001 certification. It is one of the top companies in the home care service industry. There are currently vacancies available in Melbourne, Geelong and Ballarat. By joining this company, which is from a friendly team, you can have the chance to develop your career and get the various advantages that the company has provided.

Regal Care offers both entry-level job opportunities for people who do not have any experience, and professional job opportunities for people who have experience and training in a certain field. Regal Care job applications can be made online. In this content, firstly, how to apply for an online job will be explained, then the average salary information and short explanations of the positions you can work for will be included.

How to Apply for Regal Care Jobs

Regal Care Jobs & Careers Online

1. Access Regal Care’s official career page here.

2. Choose the options you want from Choose Department, Choose Work Type, Choose Location. If you do not make any selections, all positions are listed.

3. In the “Search Job Title” field, you can write the name of the position you want to search for.

Regal Care Job Opportunities & Apply Online

Persons who will work at Regal Care should be reliable and should approach both their colleagues and the people served with empathy. You should attach importance to accessibility and share leadership values. For people who want to work in the home care sector, there are various job opportunities and the opportunity to develop their careers.

Disability Support Worker – Salary: $18.23 – $55.63 / hour

You’ll be helping people take a shower. In addition, you will support the person during the cutting of body hair and nails, or you will perform these tasks completely. You can undertake all duties under the name of personal care. You also have duties such as preparing suitable meals for the people you are responsible for and performing the grocery shopping. If necessary, you will be expected to perform a certain amount of house cleaning.

Location Info Apply Online
Bundoora, VictoriaDetails & Apply
All Locations in AustraliaDetails & Apply

Domestic Cleaner – Salary: $17.65 – $40.20 / hour

Domestic Cleaner is a position that can also be defined as Private House Cleaners. Persons in this position are responsible for performing general housekeeping duties. You should regularly vacuum and mop the inside of the house. In addition, you should take dust at certain intervals and clean the cobwebs that form. You should clean the mirrors and windows in the bathroom, wash the shower curtains. You are also responsible for the general cleaning of the bathroom and the cleaning of the toilets and sinks.

Location Info Apply Online
Chadstone, VictoriaDetails & Apply
All Locations in AustraliaDetails & Apply

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