Hungry Jack’s Restaurant Manager Job Description & Salary

Persons who will work in the position of Hungry Jack’s Restaurant Manager will be tasked with providing a high level of service to the guests who come to the restaurant. You will supervise the works such as the cleaning of the store and the fulfillment of services. You must properly lead your colleagues on your team and properly manage business finances.

You must be adaptable to working full-time and be willing to work nights and weekends.

Restaurant Manager Qualification & Duties

Hungry Jack's Restaurant Manager Jobs: Description & Salary
  • You will be expected to be a Security Leader keeping in mind the company’s Work Safe, Home Safe strategy.
  • You will strive to create a culture where guests are a priority in every restaurant.
  • You must lead the people in your team to work with high performance.
  • You have to create an effective business planning and bring the company’s brand to very good positions.
  • In order to increase the profits of the restaurants you are responsible for, you must be able to perform business management properly.
  • You should ensure the participation of your employees in the work to be done and follow a policy that is open to changes. In addition, the sustainability of change is among your duties.
  • You should constantly improve yourself and always aim to be better.

Why should I be a Restaurant Manager at Hungry Jack’s?

  • If you like to work in a guest priority company and be committed to this culture,
  • If you are happy to be a part of a company that serves the internal and external society,
  • If you are thinking of developing your career and would like to take advantage of the Jack’s Academy and leadership program offered by the company,
  • If you want to get big discounts at restaurants both while working and on your days off,
  • If you want access to an ever-expanding portfolio of benefits,
  • Salary: If you want to get a monthly fee between $75K and $95K

Basic Requirements

Applicants for the Hungry Jack’s Restaurant Manager position will be expected to pass the National Police Check without any problems. If you have any criminal record, it is unlikely that you will start working in this position.

Restaurant Manager Job Vacancies & Near Me Jobs

Location InfoApplication Info
Adelaide Metro and SuburbsDetails & Apply
North BrisbaneDetails & Apply
South BrisbaneDetails & Apply
Mackay RegionDetails & Apply
South West SydneyDetails & Apply
Sutherland ShireDetails & Apply
All Locations (Type “Restaurant Manager” in the Keyword field and then click/tap the “Search” button.)Details & Apply

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