ESRI Australia Campaign Manager Job Description, Qualifications & Duties

Esri Australia, the leading company in the Australian Geospatial industry, is also the national distributor of the world-leading ArGIS platform. Employing people in advanced fields such as Cartography, Environmental Science, Surveying and Software development, one of the fields that the company needs is suitable people for the “Campaign Manager” position.

Job Qualifications & Duties

ESRI Australia Campaign Manager Job Description, Qualifications & Duties

Your most basic task is to turn the campaign strategy into a marketing program. You must ensure that marketing activities are properly planned and executed.

You should create brand awareness of your company and aim to reach potential customers with Social Media and Search Engine related marketing. In this process, you should also consider various digital marketing tactics and direct e-mail tactics.

ESRI Australia is a company where you can earn both a high salary and various rewards and bonuses if you succeed.

  • Develop campaign plans for marketing activities targeting multiple industries and utilising various communication channels to build awareness and generate leads.
  • Own execution of each campaign by coordinating the schedules of other marketing team members – both colleagues and external agencies – and supervise the delivery of digital content.
  • Propose and control campaign budgets.
  • Consolidate the analysis of campaign outcomes and report to management.
  • Liaise with in-house creative and/or external agencies in the development of campaign assets.
  • Brief graphic artists, multimedia agencies, and other suppliers in relation to campaign requirements.
  • Work with both colleagues and external agencies in the management of campaign data purchases, list segmentation, and (CRM) data quality validation.

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