EB Games Interview Questions & Sample Answers 2024

Upon meeting the initial criteria after submitting your EB Games job application, you’ll move on to the interview stage. For those unfamiliar with the interview process, you can navigate this step successfully by reviewing the provided questions and sample answers in this guide. Remember, the interview process varies depending on the specific role you’re applying for at EB Games. Additionally, it’s important to note that the questions and answers in this guide are for reference only and are not officially endorsed by the company.

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EB Games Job Interview Questions and Answers

React Developer Interview

The employee did not disclose which EB Games branch or location they are employed at. They had a positive experience post-interview and described the process as easy.

Interview process: The applicant underwent three rounds of questioning. Throughout this process, the applicant faced technical, behavioral, and general questions. The technical questions included coding challenges and theoretical inquiries. The candidate, who interviewed in 2019, noted that the overall process was straightforward and manageable.

Retail Sales Assistant Interview

The candidate who participated in the job interview mentioned that they applied online and found the interview process to be straightforward. They also noted that the interview took place in 2022.

Interview process: The candidate reported that a group interview was conducted with 15-20 participants. Initially, standard introductions were made. Following this, team-building exercises were performed. Lastly, the candidate described a task where they had to choose a product from the store and attempt to sell it to other group interview participants.

Sales Associate Interview

The interviewer, opting to maintain anonymity, chose not to disclose the specific location or store where they conducted interviews. They expressed satisfaction with their overall experience and described the interview process as standard.

Interview Process: The candidate underwent a straightforward 30-minute interview focused on their past work history and experiences. They were questioned about their approach to customer service on a regular basis and were asked about their gaming preferences if they played games. Additionally, inquiries were made regarding their willingness to accommodate flexible working hours and their preferred weekly working hours.


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