EB Games Interview Questions & Sample Answers 2023

If you meet the necessary conditions after making the EB job application, the next stage is the job interview process. If you do not have enough information about the job interview, you can get through this process successfully by carefully examining the questions and sample answers in this content. You should not forget that the interview process will differ according to the position you will work at EB Games. In addition, the questions and answers contained herein are not binding for the company.

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EB Games Job Interview Questions and Answers

React Developer Interview

The employee did not specify in which EB Games branch or location he works. The applicant has had a positive experience after the interview and stated that the interview process was easy.

Interview process: Questions consisting of 3 rounds were asked. In this process, technical, behavioral and general questions were transferred to the job applicant. Answers were sought to certain questions about technical information consisting of coding difficulties and theoretical questions. Stating that he had an interview in 2019, the candidate stated that the process was easy in general.

Retail Sales Assistant Interview

The candidate participating in the job interview stated that he applied for a job online and stated that he had an easy interview process. He also stated that there was a job interview held in 2022.

Interview process: The candidate, who stated that a group job interview consisting of 15-20 people was held, said that standard introductions were made. Afterwards, he stated that he was subjected to team building exercises. Finally, he stated that he went through a process of trying to sell this product to other people who participated in the group interview by choosing any product from the store.

Sales Associate Interview

The person conducting the job interview preferred not to specify the location and store where he worked and wanted to remain anonymous. He stated that he had a positive job interview experience and completed an average job interview process.

Interview Process: He went through a simple 30-minute basic interview process about his previous work and experiences. He was asked how he is expected to answer the question of how will you serve customers on a regular basis, and also, if he plays games, what games he plays. In addition, whether he will comply with flexible working hours and how many hours a week he is interested in working are among the questions asked.


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