Coles Team Member Pay Rate in Australia 2024

Team Member hourly salaries at Coles in Australia

For those working as a Coles Team Member, the typical hourly wage is $24.34, which is 14% lower than the national average. According to employee reports, the pay for this role ranges from a minimum of $17.25 to a maximum of $36.85 per hour.

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Reviews about Pay & Benefits for Team Member in Coles

Offers a really great working environment for young people:

  • Review: A former employee who worked as a Team Member in February 2022 noted that the working environment can be ideal if the management team is supportive and your colleagues are enjoyable to work with. For students seeking part-time employment, Coles generally offers a positive workplace, although some days can be tiring.
  • Pros: Team Members receive a 5% discount on products and enjoy job security.
  • Cons: The job can involve lifting heavy items, and it can become challenging if the management staff is ineffective.

You can work in a more fun environment by meeting new people.

  • Review: While meeting new people can be enjoyable, interacting with angry customers can be quite challenging, leading to stressful situations. For high school students looking to earn money, Coles is an ideal workplace, according to a former employee from January 2022. However, for adults, it might not be as suitable. The pay is decent, but working under stress is common, especially during peak periods like the Covid-19 pandemic.
  • Pros: The work environment is generally quiet and conducive to focusing on tasks.
  • Cons: Management quality varies across branches, and some managers can be less effective. Additionally, the customer base can be average, which might affect the overall work experience.

How much does a Team Member make at Coles in Australia?

  • hourly pay: $24.34
  • daily pay: $192.72 (8 hours)
  • weekly pay: $924.92 (38 hours)
  • monthly pay: $3699.68 (152 hours)
  • yearly pay: $44396.16 (1824 hours)

The salary figures or compensation details provided here are based on data compiled from Indeed and Glassdoor over the past 36 months. It’s essential to note that these figures are not contractual or binding for Coles. All salary information presented on this platform is approximated and should be treated as such. The actual salary offered during the company’s recruitment process may differ from the estimates provided here. For precise salary information, it is recommended to consult directly with the employer.

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