Coles Sales Assistant Pay Rate in Australia

Sales Assistant yearly salaries at Coles in Australia

The average yearly wage for people working in the Coles Sales Assistant position is $50,985. This wage is approximately the same as the national average wage. There is a minimum wage of $36,195 and a maximum wage of $71,819 for the Sales Assistant position determined by employee reports.

Job openings matching Sales Assistant in Coles

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Reviews about Pay & Benefits for Sales Assistant in Coles

Team-based and lively work culture:

  • Review: You will have the chance to work in a good environment, as there is a work culture based on teamwork, in line with the information that a person who worked in the position of 2IC SALES ASSISTANT stated in February 2020. Here, there is a system based on rewarding the hardest working people in certain periods. In addition, employee anniversaries and birthdays are celebrated.
  • What are the Pros? You have the chance to have free breakfast and lunch during your study.
  • What are the Cons? You don’t work overtime during the working time and you have time for your life.

Considered to be a great work environment:

  • Review: Coles has an ideal work environment, as stated by one person working as a Sales assistant in October 2019. However, salaries are lower than other companies. While the work environment is nice, the staff and customers are not great.

How much does a Sales Assistant make at Coles in Australia?

  • Average Coles Sales Assistant hourly pay: $27.82
  • Average Coles Sales Assistant daily pay: $222.56 (8 hours)
  • Average Coles Sales Assistant weekly pay: $1057.18 (38 hours)
  • Average Coles Sales Assistant monthly pay: $4228.75 (152 hours)
  • Average Coles Sales Assistant yearly pay: $50,985 (1824 hours)

The share rate or salaries information contained herein consists of data collected over the last 36 months through Indeed and Glassdoor. The data here are not binding for Coles. All salary information on this website is estimated and approximate. The salary information determined during the company recruitment process and the information here may not match. You can learn the actual salary information only from the employer company.

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