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Who We Are

Job Application Australia (JAA) was initially a platform that only included career tips related to Australia, but over time it has become a platform serving in different countries under the names of JAA Canada, JAA UK, JAA USA, JAA Jamaica. You will find practical and clear advice on job search, CV preparation, salary information for your career development in our blogs. If you want to find a new job or advance in your current position, you can take advantage of more than 1000 content on our platform. The JAA team, which has been producing content in this industry for about 5 years, can assist you in your career development.

Editorial Guidelines

At JAA, we aim not to compromise on quality by constantly updating our content. Our writers in our team create our content by compiling original and accurate information. If you think that any article on our websites is insufficient and needs improvement, you can contact us via info@jobapplicationaustralia.com e-mail address.

Diversity & Inclusion

JAA is a company focused on your career development, no matter what country you live in. However, the answers in our content may not be in a way that covers everyone. Whether you are black, local or other colors, we would like to point out that these are no different from our point of view. Beyond these, we aim to help people overcome career-related difficulties with the awareness of being human. Just like Google, we are committed to promoting diversity and inclusion.

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